Bacon and Eggs

This is the second time I start typing this, but now I know I can save a draft, instead of losing it, good to know.

I make my husband bacon and eggs almost every morning, I heard several people gasp, most women’s eyes grow large and they say, ‘Why?’ with such disdain that I become defensive, and cop out with, ‘well it’s that or he goes to McDonalds’ though that is the least of my reasons, most of the people accept that, and leave me alone. I give that simple answer, because I am to lazy to explain over and over to people who don’t actually care, that I enjoy it, and it makes him happy.
Most mornings I have to drag myself out of bed, 10-20 minutes before my aforementioned husband does so himself, to complete this task in time for him to eat before work. Crazy you say, maybe, but at seven in the morning, it is rare for my children to be up, so this is a possible chance to be awake, and not have one of the boys pulling at my pockets, or the baby pushing me where she wants me to go. I enjoy this quiet time, the task of making bacon and eggs is quite simple, and after five years, has become relatively repetitive, and mindless, so I am allowed to think of other things, on a happy morning, I think about my latest knitting project, or my kids’ latest accomplishments, be it little guy(5) reading out loud to me his little kindergarten level 2 book without any help from me, or baby girl’s(22 months) starting to actually try and talk to me, when her brothers refused to speak this early, or little man(4) who is struggling with making himself understood yet tries so hard to make his words clear, and meet his IPP (individual program plan) goals in playschool.
On a bad morning, sometimes it’s just the much needed break from the crap that goes on from day to day in my house.
My husband enjoys the dream of a 50’s housewife, and this is the way that I give him some of that dream, I also don’t complain to loud about his other wishes, such as me doing all the laundry, and housework, but those things aren’t often done as well as he would like, the Bacon and Eggs help soften the blow to his dreams, when I fail to live up to them.


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