Stolen Truck

We woke up the morning of Wednesday May 16th to a bit of a shock, my husband’s truck was gone, he thought maybe he had dropped his keys, and some teenage joyrider had stolen it, but we live in a small town, and know some people who have gone years leaving their keys in the ignition, without a problem, so we were rather confused as to why us.
By Tuesday, I had pretty much given up, it probably had been scrapped, chopped or destroyed in some other way. DH wanted to go to the city, he thought he had a lead, but we didn’t have the cash for him to take the van to the city to look, he figured the cops didn’t care to look, even though he told them what he had heard. Then I got a call Wednesday morning, the man dent identify himself, but I gave him DH’s number, I’m not sure if it’s the same person who called him eight times, leaving 8 messages that they had found his truck.
DH went to the city that night to get anything he could from his truck, which was found on the Saturday, but he couldn’t bring it home, right away, as it had been damaged.
Now, nearly a week after it’s been found we still need to wait and see what the insurance adjuster has to say.

In the mean time we are stuck in limbo, will insurance pay to fix the truck, or are they going to pay us out for it? Do we look for a new truck, or will things go back to the way they were, with our plans for a newer van in the spring.
Sharing a picture from Facebook of what could happen to us, and why my van needs replacing too.




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