Racerback Top Released

So much has happened since I released Oma’s bonnet pattern, and I haven’t even posted once, soon I will, I hope. But first, who remembers the top I was working on?

Well I’ve finally released the pattern, I remember making a promise way back when to give my readers a coupon code to get it free, for a week, so follow this link. Free until Sept 19/2012


The code is knittingmomma, the link is supposed to put it in for you, but just in case.


Oma’s Bonnet Released

Wow I’ve been away for a bit, things have been crazy here with my family, I have quit my job, and my last day will be Aug 28, but I’ll explain that tomorrow, as right now, I have an exciting announcement. I have just released my Oma’s winter bonnet pattern, on Ravelry.

You can find it here.

Socks, Socks everywhere

Since Wednesday I’ve started another socks, and have plans for a third pair. How did this come about you ask? Why it’s simple my friends, the testing pool on Ravelry, first I found a test knit, with a deadline two months out, no problem, I think, two months is lots of time, sign me up. I keep browsing the boards, while I wait for the pattern, and I come across a call for sample knitters, I jump on it, of course.

I’ve never actually been accepted for one of these open sample calls, but I got an email right away, and already have the pattern printed, I’m just waiting for the yarn now.

I am however considering, making my toe up socks into mittens, what do you think?


WIP Wednesday

I have so many WIP’s going on right now, 4 active projects.
The oldest one is a Lola Bunny for baby girl, it’s over a year old, all it needs is an ear and a bum, lol.

Much more recent, I have my first cardigan, which was a test knit, I was able to give her my feedback in time, but didn’t get the sleeves knit, so it sits on top, glaring at me, I currently have 2″ left on the one sleeve, then a second one to knit.

And this week, I cast on two new projects, the first was a shawl for my mom.

And right after I started that, my yarn order came, a beautiful ball of self striping sock yarn, and two lbs of fingering weight wool, one in blue and the other in brown.
The last project I currently have going is a pair of toe up socks, in my self striping yarn.

And of course all together.


Does anyone have any ideas what I could do with my 2 lbs of fingering weight yarn? It was a halfway impulse buy, one of my groups on Ravelry is considering a KAL for a large shawl this fall, but otherwise I’m open to any and all ideas.

Open For Testing

My racerback top is finally ready for testers, I am just about done testing my Oma’s bonnet pattern (which needed a complete rewrite) so have decided to go ahead and put this one out there.
This is the pattern that I have been talking about designing almost my entire time on this blog.

If you have a Ravelry account, you can find my tester call here: Call to Test
If you do not have a Ravelry account, and knit or crochet, why not? It is an awesome site, just saying.

Till next time.

Teaching Kids to knit, and knitting continental

I’ve taken up a couple challenges lately.

Today, like most days, my boys wanted to learn how to knit, Little Guy has his stitches cast on already, in bright orange yarn, on 4.5mm needles, we average a row each time we pull it out, before he gets bored, it is about 1.5″ long now, plain garter stitch, I use the simple, in, around, through, I know through isn’t the right word for what you do, but it’s what stuck, off never did. We are at a stage where he can do it, when my hands are over his, or 3-4 sts in the middle of the row on his own, before he has trouble again. He has learned to pick up his dropped stitches, when his needle falls out, too.

I just cast on for little man today, I thought he was too young, but after showing him two rows, I handed him the needles, and put the yarn over his finger, and through his fist. he lacks any kind of confidence in what he is doing, while knitting, I can tell, because, when I hold my hands lightly over his for in, and off, and take my hand off his for him to wrap the yarn, he can do it no problem. Ok, well he does have one problem, he wants to wrap the yarn backwards, so I have to remind him to wrap it the other way.
I turned to help little guy with a problem he was having, handing little man his needles to hold on to, and he kept going, I’m not sure if he actually managed a proper stitch, while I was turned around, but he did slip two stitches knit-wise. I’m quite proud, baby girl wanted in on the action too, but I had to pass her off to daddy while I gave the boys some quality time, she’s not even two yet, after-all.

And while I’m working on my other knitting projects, test knitting, running my own test, and writing/grading my pattern, I am also starting to teach myself to knit continental, well, ok, to be honest, I’m starting with purling, not sure why, it just feels easier, and I don’t think it’s easy at all, it’s really really hard, it goes against my muscle memory, which is English style.
When I do knit continental, it will be lever style, I think, I learned to knit left handed this way, and it is very similar to crochet, when done left handed. We shall see, once I learn knit and purl continental, maybe I’ll be able to figure out purling left handed.

Since this is all boring, without pictures, here is one, shh, it’s from my latest test knit.


All Typed Up

I have got my racerback top all typed up, you know, the one I designed. I still have to do the math, and grade it, then, I need it proof read, I am putting more time and care into getting this ready for testing, I thought, after being over Oma’s bonnet a thousand times, and knitting it twice, it shouldn’t have many issues, I know better now, it was a mass of mistakes.
I don’t have money for a tech editor right now, so I’m going to use friends and volunteers this time around, but by the time I have another pattern done up, hopefully I’ll have some sales on this, and will be able to pay a tech editor.