Raspberry Almond Coffee Cake

See, I promised, and am now delivering on that promise, here is a very yummy looking raspberry almond coffee cake. My cook tells me that it was yummy. We both wished that we still had raspberry plate scrapers to drizzle over the top of a piece.


As is my usual task, when I find a recipe I think looks interesting, I have to start by multiplying the recipe, usually by 8. This time I used the sour cream to help me decide, I had 2L of sour cream and this made two of the large cake pans, that I’ve mentioned before. The pans I use at work are about two times the size of your standard cake pan. The comments on the original recipe said that it wasn’t quite enough for an 8″ pan, but doubling it made it very nice for a 9″. I learned long ago, that doubling a recipe for a 9″ pan gives me a nice standard size cake, so I multiply the recipe by 8 to make one large pan, this uses one liter, or 4 cups of sour cream. Since this was to be a snack, one large pan would have done it, but, I discovered we have an over abundance of sour cream, all ready to expire, so two pans it was, 16 times the original recipe.

We only had frozen raspberries, but that was ok, the comments had ideas on that, thaw and drain them first. Well, I don’t have time to thaw raspberries, so I toss them into a bowl, frozen, realize they look a little dirty, so run some water over them, to get the little flower petal things off, don’t tell me how crazy it was, it made me feel better. So I mixed up the batter, adding the wet to the dry, like the recipe calls for, though I always do it the other way around otherwise. It also says just till it’s wet, well that does not look good, I turn the mixer back on, add a splash of milk, and whip it, till it is a consistency I like, and call it good. Toss my raspberries with some brown sugar, and find I nearly have jam, they are mush, oops, oh well, moving on, I think. I spread out 1/2 the thick batter, into the bottoms of the pans, a well oiled hand helps here, or it will just stick, and not sit in the bottom. Then I divided the raspberries between the pans, and smoothed them out. I topped the cakes with the other half of the batter, smoothing it with an oiled hand again (I love the gloves we have to wear at work, and bought a box of the same nitrile gloves at the drug store, to use at home).
I then sprinkled sliced almonds on top, pressed them in, so they would be locked in place, and they were ready for the oven.
It wasn’t until I pulled them out, and saw this beauty, that I decided I had to blog about it, and took a picture, since I’m not supposed to have my phone at work.

And now the recipe, tell me what you think, I left the glaze off ours, to make it a touch more diabetic friendly. this is the original recipe, for an 8″ pan.

1cup flour
1/3 cup sugar
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/8 tsp salt
1/2cup sour cream
2 Tbsp melted butter
1 tsp vanilla
1 egg

1cup raspberries
3 Tbsp brown sugar

1/4 cup sliced almonds

1/4 cup icing sugar
1 tsp milk
1/4 tsp vanilla


Day 8 of 8

Yesterday was essentially day 8 of 8 at work, how many of you know that once you work a certain number of days on either side, it’s like you never had that one day off to start with?
I just finished my first set, after 5 days off, I’ll be back at it. Now I got the birthday cakes done, for the most part, I wanted to add blue sparkle sprinkles, but it was not to be, as we did not have any. So, here is what I came up with for the June birthday cakes. This is equivalent to 4 – 8″x13″ pans.


I’ve gotten pretty far on the first of the hats too, I’m done up to the decreases, so not very much left on this one.


And some craziness went on on Friday, an armored car employee shot and killed three coworkers, and injured another to rob the armored car, he is currently on the run, armed and dangerous, everyone is talking about him today.

Doesn’t look to scary, but quite bad.

They Trust Me?

I work at a Senior’s supportive housing lodge, for the last five months, I have been baking the birthday cakes for the monthly birthday party. This month will be my sixth set of birthday cakes, I have learned how to bake them, first from a mix, but I prefer scratch, and when left to my own devices, quickly made the shift. We have two lodges, which means two parties, and two big cakes, each month. I only have the most rudimentary of cake decorating skills, what one of my co workers was able to teach me (read pound through my thick skull) in two sessions, months apart, she is an artist, I bake. Baking is very straight forward, you take a set of detailed instructions, follow them, and if the instructions are right, and you managed to follow them properly, you get a delicious treat. Art is a different story, completely, you have a blank canvas, and maybe a picture in your mind of what you want to end up with, sometimes you just wing it, and if all goes well, and you have talent, or training, or both, you will come out on the other end with a nice picture.

Today I was informed that I will be decorating the birthday cakes on my own this month. I baked them tonight after supper, and I’ve gotten pretty good at creating the blank white canvas for decorating on, it’s the rest, with the colours, and flowers, and making it all pretty looking, that I’m not so confident about, so I will have cake pictures, and progress pictures on my knitting projects

Just gotta hit it a bit harder

Just a quick amusing post for now.

We have a chemical dispenser at work, it used to be the kind where you turned on the water, then a locking dial thing, and the dispenser would sputter to life, spitting out our properly mixed chemical, one day, they removed it from the wall, and sent me trekking to the other end of the lodge for it, not fair, I thought, when I got there, and discovered, they had not moved our handy chemical dispenser, and again, when I realized, they hadn’t brought our chemical.

I was in a mood that night, so as I used a different floor cleaner, I left a message for my boss, letting him know that the chemical had been moved, and wasn’t with the mop, could he have someone find it. The next night, I trek down to get my mop bucket, and excitedly note, they’ve brought my chemical dispenser, I had a bit of a pout when I had to mix by hand, it was not working, I left a note for it to be fixed, and it wasn’t, but when I came back, from days off, I found a handy little note.

The note read: “turn on water, turn blue dial, to lock, then give it a good shot (hit), and it will work, it’s not hooked up properly. JT”

So I go on happily, until my mop bucket went missing, (I found it yesterday, by the way, filled with slimy gross water, in a boiler room) and yesterday, they had moved our dispenser, JT was on with me that night, so after doing my usual shot, some fiddling, and hitting it a few more times, I called her over, an she tried to, finally I mixed my chemical by hand, as I had work to do. Today I look to see what the maintenance man had to say, about it not working, and it says, see paper by dispenser, so I figure no problem, and go look. I’m rolling on the floor laughing, when I see they moved JT’s note from the other room.
I guess we just weren’t hitting it hard enough.