Oma’s Bonnet Released

Wow I’ve been away for a bit, things have been crazy here with my family, I have quit my job, and my last day will be Aug 28, but I’ll explain that tomorrow, as right now, I have an exciting announcement. I have just released my Oma’s winter bonnet pattern, on Ravelry.

You can find it here.


Socks, Socks everywhere

Since Wednesday I’ve started another socks, and have plans for a third pair. How did this come about you ask? Why it’s simple my friends, the testing pool on Ravelry, first I found a test knit, with a deadline two months out, no problem, I think, two months is lots of time, sign me up. I keep browsing the boards, while I wait for the pattern, and I come across a call for sample knitters, I jump on it, of course.

I’ve never actually been accepted for one of these open sample calls, but I got an email right away, and already have the pattern printed, I’m just waiting for the yarn now.

I am however considering, making my toe up socks into mittens, what do you think?


WIP Wednesday

I have so many WIP’s going on right now, 4 active projects.
The oldest one is a Lola Bunny for baby girl, it’s over a year old, all it needs is an ear and a bum, lol.

Much more recent, I have my first cardigan, which was a test knit, I was able to give her my feedback in time, but didn’t get the sleeves knit, so it sits on top, glaring at me, I currently have 2″ left on the one sleeve, then a second one to knit.

And this week, I cast on two new projects, the first was a shawl for my mom.

And right after I started that, my yarn order came, a beautiful ball of self striping sock yarn, and two lbs of fingering weight wool, one in blue and the other in brown.
The last project I currently have going is a pair of toe up socks, in my self striping yarn.

And of course all together.


Does anyone have any ideas what I could do with my 2 lbs of fingering weight yarn? It was a halfway impulse buy, one of my groups on Ravelry is considering a KAL for a large shawl this fall, but otherwise I’m open to any and all ideas.