Socks, Socks everywhere

Since Wednesday I’ve started another socks, and have plans for a third pair. How did this come about you ask? Why it’s simple my friends, the testing pool on Ravelry, first I found a test knit, with a deadline two months out, no problem, I think, two months is lots of time, sign me up. I keep browsing the boards, while I wait for the pattern, and I come across a call for sample knitters, I jump on it, of course.

I’ve never actually been accepted for one of these open sample calls, but I got an email right away, and already have the pattern printed, I’m just waiting for the yarn now.

I am however considering, making my toe up socks into mittens, what do you think?



Design Dilemma

So I am currently having a dilemma, while working on my most recent test knit, I had an idea for a top with a similar style front piece, but a completely different back.
I’m not even at a point where I’m sure what kind of top, shirt/tunic/dress I would make it. My problem is, was the idea inspired by the test knit? in which case, I need to decide how to approach the designer, and decide what my options are? Do I give the idea to her, tell her I have an idea for my own design based off the front of her dress, or do I treat it like a new design?

Ooh, I think I want cables.

Test Knitting

I don’t know how I first found out about test knitting anymore, but it has made me more adventurous, my first colourwork was my first test knit, a hat designed by Holly Marie (Holly1223 on Ravelry) I have worked with her a few more times since, and absolutely love her designs. My last one for her was, Little Guy’s spiderman hat, which I did in Red and Blue.
My only finished crochet projects were also tests, but since then I’ve realised that I’m a poor crocheter, and would rather test knit, than crochet.
My first shawl was also the first test, where the pattern actually had a mistake, there was a symbol missing from the chart, and apparently my brain was able to put it together, kind of cool, if you ask me.
More recently I’ve been looking for harder test knits, or maybe they are just finding me, the last one came out way to small, I checked my gauge, but apparently my swatch lied, so it was back to square one, and I knit the pattern again, the pattern was well written, and I enjoyed it, except, it is sized too small, it still fits baby girl, but as a size smaller than I had intended.
Now, the challenging knit, a cotton sundress (I don’t know what I was thinking when I chose my yarn) it will be very cute, and summery, but I’m only giving myself a few days to do it, and it’s 100% cotton. Add to that, I’m using my US 8 needle, the biggest I can comfortably handle, and my hands are cramping really bad, the good news is, the designer is in no rush, so if I need to put it down and work one a lighter weight project, I can.