What a difference a few days can make.

Wow, my husband took the boys out yesterday, and they spent today at a friend’s house, and while they were gone, I cleaned. I just had baby girl, so had a lot of time to clean up. I should have taken before pictures of the playroom, I pulled out a kitchen trash bag worth of garbage, and piled the toys up, and having little guy make his bed, made a huge difference too.

There is still lots to do, like my clutter catcher desk.


I’ve made good progress on my sweater too, not all in the last two days, but I want to share, and I’ll have time to work on it, after supper. Here is baby girl trying it on, a week or so ago,

And here it is today, I have a few rows left on the button band, and the sleeves to do.



No motivation

I am fighting a lack of motivation, right now, I don’t really want to do anything, when I do things I feel proud of myself, and energized, but getting up, and moving has been very difficult. What I’m actually fighting is probably a bit of depression and a bit of burnout. They kind of go hand in hand for me, I try to fight off an impending wave of depression by working my butt off, only to burn out in a day or two, and crash hard, at that point, I either laze around for days, or I pull myself up by my boot straps, and fight again. I had five days off, and did absolutely nothing for four of them, then on Wednesday I got a call for help from my friend, which suddenly motivated me, and I worked my butt off. Yesterday I went back to work, in the morning, I had to fight myself to get just a few things done, and really wasn’t motivated to go to work either. Once at work, I took the easy way out, and did the simplest jobs to keep me busy, I did my job, but not up to my usual standards, and I was completely distracted. I really desperately need to do better today, this morning is a bit of a bust, the things I’m proud of? Getting my kids and I fed, and dressed in clean clothes, that’s it. I sat for an hr on the deck and knit one row on the toddler sweater I’m working on, and read two blog posts, I don’t know where the rest of the time went.
Well I’ve got 10 minutes to do something before I have to make lunch and get ready for work, my day-home provider invited us to come a little early, and have a tea party. Dh is working late tonight, so I’m bringing one of my heat and eat meals, that DH was supposed to feed the kids tonight, for her to add to their supper, they have been eating there a lot, I guess. I work till nine, and DH has a lot of late nights, so if the kids are there at supper time still, she feeds them. This is why we can’t use daycare

Just gotta hit it a bit harder

Just a quick amusing post for now.

We have a chemical dispenser at work, it used to be the kind where you turned on the water, then a locking dial thing, and the dispenser would sputter to life, spitting out our properly mixed chemical, one day, they removed it from the wall, and sent me trekking to the other end of the lodge for it, not fair, I thought, when I got there, and discovered, they had not moved our handy chemical dispenser, and again, when I realized, they hadn’t brought our chemical.

I was in a mood that night, so as I used a different floor cleaner, I left a message for my boss, letting him know that the chemical had been moved, and wasn’t with the mop, could he have someone find it. The next night, I trek down to get my mop bucket, and excitedly note, they’ve brought my chemical dispenser, I had a bit of a pout when I had to mix by hand, it was not working, I left a note for it to be fixed, and it wasn’t, but when I came back, from days off, I found a handy little note.

The note read: “turn on water, turn blue dial, to lock, then give it a good shot (hit), and it will work, it’s not hooked up properly. JT”

So I go on happily, until my mop bucket went missing, (I found it yesterday, by the way, filled with slimy gross water, in a boiler room) and yesterday, they had moved our dispenser, JT was on with me that night, so after doing my usual shot, some fiddling, and hitting it a few more times, I called her over, an she tried to, finally I mixed my chemical by hand, as I had work to do. Today I look to see what the maintenance man had to say, about it not working, and it says, see paper by dispenser, so I figure no problem, and go look. I’m rolling on the floor laughing, when I see they moved JT’s note from the other room.
I guess we just weren’t hitting it hard enough.

What a day

Today was one of those days, you know the kind that starts out pretty decent, until one thing goes wrong, then all the poop hits the fan.
The morning was great, I got to hang out with my very clingy baby girl, but didn’t mind not getting much done, because I knew I had to work this evening, and I have been missing my kids like crazy lately. I also got to have coffee with one of the neighbors this morning, when she showed up at my door with her coffee mug, actually her and her daughter, L, were waiting on the front step when I came back from dropping off little man at play school.

The afternoon also started pretty well, when I arrived at work, I discovered that they had used styrofoam plates for lunch, as there was only hot water for the kitchen, this meant less dishes for me to put away, and more time to bake, which I love.
Here starts problem one: I went into the walk-in cooler, to get the margarine, and thought, wow, the kitchen must be cold today, as the cooler feels quite warm. Fast forward to my date squares in the oven, and I’m starting on some cookies, I am rather warm at this point, having been standing in front of the stove, I open the cooler, expecting a refreshing blast of cool air, only to be blasted in the face with hot air, the cooler is not working, thankfully, F, the happy one is working this week, and deals with our problem quickly.

#2: A short time later, our meat order arrives, it has become part of my job, when I work Wednesdays, which I don’t often enjoy, the freezer is very disorganized and if I catch the wrong maintenance man, J, he always complains about putting the order away, (remember I’m doing this most often now, usually with him, but I don’t ask unless I really need help) I cannot find the box cutter, but spot F nearby, and he was likely the last to use it, so I walk up to ask where it is, only to find, J is right there as well. Grump Grump Grump, and he won’t leave, even though I tell him I’ve got it under control.

#3: Just before supper, we are told our water is going to be shut off for an hr, so I rush to fill our pots, only for him to turn off the water late, and back on even later, leaving us well behind on our supper dishes, cups and silverware only, but still.

Rather amusing #4: around 7, just before we finish dishes, I comment to my coworker, that they must have moved our floor cleaner into the new storage room, near the kitchen, as I could see the plumber in there, and our mop pail was right there, we both smile, as it means not having to trek to the other end of the building for our mop pail, and water. So an hr later, the plumber has left, and I go to find my mop pail, only… It’s gone, along with the mop for the dining room, after spending 20 precious minutes looking for our pail, we steal one from another department, to get our job done, as well as we can.

#5: DH texts me, to let me know he will be late, the work truck broke down, it will be 1-130am before he gets home, as they were on a job in another town.

The good news, DH and his coworkers got paid to hike to the lake, and hang out waiting to be picked up, and watching the sun set over the water, he sent me a video, it really was pretty.

And, despite being behind at work, today, I have gotten a good start on my designing this week, I am almost up to the underarms.