Racerback Top Released

So much has happened since I released Oma’s bonnet pattern, and I haven’t even posted once, soon I will, I hope. But first, who remembers the top I was working on?

Well I’ve finally released the pattern, I remember making a promise way back when to give my readers a coupon code to get it free, for a week, so follow this link. Free until Sept 19/2012


The code is knittingmomma, the link is supposed to put it in for you, but just in case.


Oma’s Bonnet Released

Wow I’ve been away for a bit, things have been crazy here with my family, I have quit my job, and my last day will be Aug 28, but I’ll explain that tomorrow, as right now, I have an exciting announcement. I have just released my Oma’s winter bonnet pattern, on Ravelry.

You can find it here.

Open For Testing

My racerback top is finally ready for testers, I am just about done testing my Oma’s bonnet pattern (which needed a complete rewrite) so have decided to go ahead and put this one out there.
This is the pattern that I have been talking about designing almost my entire time on this blog.

If you have a Ravelry account, you can find my tester call here: Call to Test
If you do not have a Ravelry account, and knit or crochet, why not? It is an awesome site, just saying.

Till next time.

All Typed Up

I have got my racerback top all typed up, you know, the one I designed. I still have to do the math, and grade it, then, I need it proof read, I am putting more time and care into getting this ready for testing, I thought, after being over Oma’s bonnet a thousand times, and knitting it twice, it shouldn’t have many issues, I know better now, it was a mass of mistakes.
I don’t have money for a tech editor right now, so I’m going to use friends and volunteers this time around, but by the time I have another pattern done up, hopefully I’ll have some sales on this, and will be able to pay a tech editor.



Here it is, in what glory baby girl would allow, as she would not let me put the top on her today, hopefully I can get some good modeling shots tomorrow morning. (She doesn’t like to change clothes mid day)


What do you think? I’m pretty proud of it, as well it’s the first thing I’ve made that has come completely out of my head. Certain elements came from knitting I’ve done recently, like the rolled edge, created by a slipping the second stitch on the WS rows, and hey I’ll admit the small cable on the straps, I saw that somewhere else too, the original inspiration came while I was working on this sun dress, I thought it would look cute with the racerback, then I had to create one, and the next thing I knew, it became a design on it’s own.


Now for the next step, getting it typed up, and the scary part, for me anyway, grading it. Which I have some experience in now, as I’ve been testing the pattern I wrote from my Oma’s notes, for this hat.


Until next time, everyone.

Design in Progress

So I went for the design, from design dilemma, as anyone who has read most of my posts since then has probably figured out, and have come up with a workable pattern, I have knit it almost twice, with some minor changes planned for what is left of the second one, as the first came out to wide across the chest, hopefully this one works better. once I am done the sample, I will type it up, I promise.
Here is a picture, a rather sloppy, lopsided picture of the back of the shirt, but a picture nonetheless.


Also, the yarn for my first sample knit has arrived, it’s four hats, and here is a quick shot of the yarn, I have already cast on the first one, but really a picture of stitches on the needles is no more exciting than yarn, as that is all it is, not even the size of a swatch yet.


Back to the basics

I have been ordering tons of books from the library for the past couple weeks, ever since I decided that I had to make this shirt for baby girl. They are all about designing, and cables, when what I needed was a little google, and a reminder of the basic rules of decreasing. When I got to the part where I was decreasing for the back, I though, well, I’ll keep it simple, and just K2tog and P2tog instead of trying anything fancy, that was a mistake.
A few rows into the back, I realized, that while one side looked good, the other was rather funny looking.


So I did the first thing that came to mind, I changed my K2tog to a SSK on that side, which half helped.

If you see near the top, it was only on the last three purl rows that I discovered purl two together, through the back loops, which fixed my problem, to bad the rest of that side is a mess. My pattern notes reflect this mistake, so when I’m typing up the pattern, I will remember that is the decrease I need to use, and my testers will have a nice smooth decrease line on their samples.
And here you can see, the back is done. Now to do the front.