What a difference a few days can make.

Wow, my husband took the boys out yesterday, and they spent today at a friend’s house, and while they were gone, I cleaned. I just had baby girl, so had a lot of time to clean up. I should have taken before pictures of the playroom, I pulled out a kitchen trash bag worth of garbage, and piled the toys up, and having little guy make his bed, made a huge difference too.

There is still lots to do, like my clutter catcher desk.


I’ve made good progress on my sweater too, not all in the last two days, but I want to share, and I’ll have time to work on it, after supper. Here is baby girl trying it on, a week or so ago,

And here it is today, I have a few rows left on the button band, and the sleeves to do.



My container garden

So I am completely excited today, with my tomato plants, I have two, the one I bought first, was a nice bushy seedling, a patio variety, that I planted in a pot, on my deck, it has done fairly well, and today I noticed it’s first flowers are beginning to open.

The second tomato plant was quite different, it was the last one left, when I went back, after finding a topsy turvy at liquidation world for $2. I was not sure it would survive, all it’s 4 leaves had a hint of brown on them, and well, you know how neglected the plants are at grocery stores, it wasn’t all that surprising. But for $1 I took that sad little plant home, and lovingly planted it with my $15 bag of potting soil, because that is what I had at the house, well, it survived, it has even flowered, I count 5 sets of flowers, 4 of which haven’t opened up yet. In fact, I think we call this flourishing.


The before shot, rather sad and lonely looking, don’t you think?
And my pepper plant, it started off very well, I have 15 peppers, I don’t know what is happening now, the larger ones are about the size of my 2 year olds fist, and appear to have stopped growing, and now it’s dropping some of it’s flowers. There could be a few reasons for this, I tried giving it a shot of fertilizer, because my tomato plants weren’t ready for more, then a week later, they started flowering, and I forgot I had given the pepper plant some already, so I mixed it in the watering jug. When it was new.

And now.

And the last thing I am growing, is lettuce, which I dug out of the neighbors garden last week, and put in a pot, my garden, it’s it wonderful, I go out every morning to look at all my plants, and enjoy some quiet time.

Lucky to be alive

OMG, my boys did the scariest thing this afternoon I hire students to babysit in the summer, and I have a favorite, we haven’t had her over for awhile, because we havent been going out much. I’m working today, and she was babysitting. The kids had their 8 year old friend come over, and they asked her if they could go to his house, he lives on the next block over, they told her he lived two doors down. They told the babysitter that I let them go, so, with no reason not to trust my 5 year old, she let them. Well first off, this was a lie, they know they are not to leave the yard, I had left this unsaid, as she is a regular sitter, and even if she wasnt sure, my boys have been taught not to lie.

This whole thing wouldn’t have been a big issue had they gone to their friend’s house, but they decided to cross the road, which isn’t just any road, it’s a highway. I am super upset with the boys, and stuck at work still, DH is dealing with them.

We were supposed to go to the lake tomorrow, but we’ll see now, I’m not sure I want to take them now. Here is the beautiful lake lot we will be at, if we go.


If you were watching someone elses kids, at what age would you trust them to tell the truth about whether their parents let them do something?

Catching Up

I am playing catchup with my laundry, and other household chores, the joys of a day off. My biggest two challenges are laundry and Dishes, they never end, and there is more than one part, wash, dry, put away. With my laundry I am good with washing and drying, but things tend to pile up at the put away stage, I usually end up waiting until I have no baskets to fill with clean laundry, I have 6 or 7, I’ve lost count, I know things are getting out of control when I start using the dirty clothes hamper to store clean clothes today I was at that point, it was packed full, and I had nowhere to put the clothes in the drier. So the adventure begins, I decide to sort out the kids clothes that they’ve outgrown, there is only a handful of clothes in the dresser anyway, so that is what I spent one morning doing, and I was only half done. I still don’t have a basket to use, as one is full of baby girl’s clean folded clothes, waiting to go in her dresser once I pull out the ones that haven’t been worn recently, one is full of DH’s and my clothes I found mixed in with the kids clothes, and one is full of the clean clothes from the laundry hamper, two still had not been touched.

By bedtime on tuesday, this saga was as good as done, all that is left is a couple bags of hand me downs, and the sweaters. Wednesday, it was the dishes, it was supposed to be my last day off, and I did it, got them all washed, and only clean dishes out were in the dishwasher, but today, I had another school function for little guy, and I fell off the wagon, on top of that, an hour before I would normally drop the kids off with the babysitter, I was on Facebook, and saw a comment that her grandma had passed away, so I texted her, to make sure she would still babysit, and she said no, nice to get some warning, hey? So I ended up not having a sitter, and had to call into work, it will be interesting to see what kind of trouble I get into, I was clear, that my babysitter had cancelled last minute, and I couldn’t find anyone else, but yeah.
I also got a lot of knitting done this week, finished the first hat of my sample knit, and am half done the second, two and a half to go, wanna see? Of course you do. Or so I hope.

Felt really long near the end, but once I saw it blocking, so worth it, and it reinvigorated me to work on the rest.

Our First Field Trip

Yesterday was my first field trip as parent helper, first of many, I hope, there was a shocking parent turn out for this one, despite the fact that it cost us to go too, normally the parent helper price gets built into the student’s fee, but being it was kindergarten, and the teacher wasn’t going to turn parents down, it wasn’t, and we had to pay. Not a big deal, I was happy to do it. There were 18 parents, from two classes, so 20 adults total, I think there were 3 or 4 of us who just had our own kids, the rest had two each. It was a blast, despite over 3 hrs on the bus, the teachers are experienced enough with this trip, that they brought books for the kids, and the three of us without a second child had our iPhones to keep them occupied. We started off at the provincial museum, which I loved, I have a strange fondness for history museums. We saw all kinds of animals, and then did the rocks, and bugs, my son got bored at this point and wanted to go back to the animals, so I took him over to the aboriginal exhibit, for the last ten minutes before lunch.



He loved this one, for some reason, and had to look at it from both sides, our cat had brought home a rabbit that morning, which he found, and may have caused this fascination.

This is a colombian mammoth, I had a hard time getting it in frame.

After the museum we headed out through the city, and off back to the country, to the Jurassic forest, which is a big swampy forest, but they have walkways with nature information, and dinosaurs fully automated moving dinosaurs, and they taught us about them, did you know that they now believe that t-Rex had feathers.



This is their new dinosaur, they had just installed him on Sunday, and we were some of the first to see him, see feathers.
After the trails, the kids played at the playground, until the rest of the class was done, this is my favorite picture of the day. that is little guy jumping off a T Rex spine.


Baby Talk

I have long since completely banned gibberish from my house, after catching my five year old talking baby talk to his 18 month old sister. I tell the boys that baby girl is just learning how to talk, and they need to be good examples for her. This saying has become a regular thing for me, because sometimes, it is something I wouldn’t have a problem with them doing, like jumping off a chair, or low step, but I wouldn’t want the baby to try. Both boys have not only accepted this explanation as to why they can’t do something, but embraced it, I’ve heard them tell their friends, and each other, to be a good example.

I have recently become bothered by one of the neighbor boys, he is 7/8 years old, and his speech is that of a two year old. His voice is the same as a normal boy, but he says ‘me want, me do,’ which are patterns my boys have not used for quite some time. Now, why it bothers me, my boys are 4&5, rather impressionable and lately have been picking up on it. I correct them by saying it properly, but it’s becoming more frequent, my boys have speech issues of their own, and don’t need another one, to slow down their progress. I don’t have any idea what to do to help all three boys with this, its got to be bad enough for that boy at school, I don’t want him to feel picked on here, my older son is a bit of a leader, so I also need to take that into consideration, this older boy does what my son wants, most of the time. His parents let him wander the trailer park till 9 every night, an hr after the younger kids have to go to bed, I don’t know how old any other children are, for him to play with, after 8. My babysitter complained to me the other day, that he came over at 730, and she knew that my kids wouldn’t be going to bed on time, at that point, which is, no excuse, my boys are good listeners, they may argue, but if rousing back down, they give up quickly.