In this house

I found a song that always makes me want to cry, In this House by the Stellas. If you have never heard the song, you should, her voice is absolutely amazing.
The main part of the song that makes my eyes water, is, “I make room in my bed, even though you’re not there, when I’m sitting a the table, no one sits in your chair, I wait every morning for your footsteps on the stairs, but you’re gone.”
It makes me sad for two reasons, the first is, the thought that I know I would do that, if anything ever happened to DH. The second reason is, in a lot of ways, a lot of those things happen on a regular basis, he’s not there as much as I would like, when I make supper, I don’t wait for him, the kids and I eat without him, because he rarely comes in when I tell him to, sometimes it’s hours. Since I make him breakfast every day, I’m waiting for him, to come eat, while he takes his time getting ready for the day.


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