Lucky to be alive

OMG, my boys did the scariest thing this afternoon I hire students to babysit in the summer, and I have a favorite, we haven’t had her over for awhile, because we havent been going out much. I’m working today, and she was babysitting. The kids had their 8 year old friend come over, and they asked her if they could go to his house, he lives on the next block over, they told her he lived two doors down. They told the babysitter that I let them go, so, with no reason not to trust my 5 year old, she let them. Well first off, this was a lie, they know they are not to leave the yard, I had left this unsaid, as she is a regular sitter, and even if she wasnt sure, my boys have been taught not to lie.

This whole thing wouldn’t have been a big issue had they gone to their friend’s house, but they decided to cross the road, which isn’t just any road, it’s a highway. I am super upset with the boys, and stuck at work still, DH is dealing with them.

We were supposed to go to the lake tomorrow, but we’ll see now, I’m not sure I want to take them now. Here is the beautiful lake lot we will be at, if we go.


If you were watching someone elses kids, at what age would you trust them to tell the truth about whether their parents let them do something?


2 thoughts on “Lucky to be alive

  1. I don’t trust kids of any age to tell me the truth., lol! If I am looking after someone else’s children, that is exactly what I am going to do. I am not going to let them go somewhere else, not unless I was going with them.

    • So true, my mom told me this weekend, that we had a rule that applied here, if we had a babysitter, we had to stay home, unless prior arrangements had been made. I think I will implement the same rule for my kids, I do wonder what situation brought that rule about for us, as kids.

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