Here it is, in what glory baby girl would allow, as she would not let me put the top on her today, hopefully I can get some good modeling shots tomorrow morning. (She doesn’t like to change clothes mid day)


What do you think? I’m pretty proud of it, as well it’s the first thing I’ve made that has come completely out of my head. Certain elements came from knitting I’ve done recently, like the rolled edge, created by a slipping the second stitch on the WS rows, and hey I’ll admit the small cable on the straps, I saw that somewhere else too, the original inspiration came while I was working on this sun dress, I thought it would look cute with the racerback, then I had to create one, and the next thing I knew, it became a design on it’s own.


Now for the next step, getting it typed up, and the scary part, for me anyway, grading it. Which I have some experience in now, as I’ve been testing the pattern I wrote from my Oma’s notes, for this hat.


Until next time, everyone.


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