Fixing a mistake

So, I was getting really excited, only 12 rounds left, and the i-cord, and I would be done the second of four sample hats, until I got to the end of the round and discovered I had 4 extra stitches, no problem, I’ll drop back, and put in the missed decreases, but after dropping the first stitches, I discovered it wasn’t the last rounds where I had missed the decrease, it was earlier than that, after spending 15 minutes pouting, and debating, I started dropping back more rows, I will be using the second colour to tell me how many rows I’ve dropped down, before I find my list decrease spots. I know I found one within 4 rows of my main colour (8 total), and I think, it looks a mess I will need a clear head and good light if I want to fix this and avoid frogging.
I forgot to take pictures of the mess, before frogging, so here it is, after I’ve picked my stitches back up, but before I’ve tinked back far enough to actually start knitting again.


It doesn’t really look all that bad, but I have two rows alternating stitches on the needle, it’s a slip stitch pattern, so instead of slip – knit, I’m going slip – tink.

So just get all the stitches back on the needle, start knitting, replacing stitch markers as I go, to realize, that I had made a mistake on the increases, and I had the wrong number of stitches still. Off I go, pulling put the needles, frogging, and picking the stitches back up, and tinking some more, to get to the beginning of my second increase round. So I did manage a picture of it, off the needles.

Please pardon the darkness, it is late, and now that I finally have (I hope) the right stitch count, and everything appears to be on the needles properly, I am heading to bed.
Happy Sunday all, hope it goes smoothly.


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