Catching Up

I am playing catchup with my laundry, and other household chores, the joys of a day off. My biggest two challenges are laundry and Dishes, they never end, and there is more than one part, wash, dry, put away. With my laundry I am good with washing and drying, but things tend to pile up at the put away stage, I usually end up waiting until I have no baskets to fill with clean laundry, I have 6 or 7, I’ve lost count, I know things are getting out of control when I start using the dirty clothes hamper to store clean clothes today I was at that point, it was packed full, and I had nowhere to put the clothes in the drier. So the adventure begins, I decide to sort out the kids clothes that they’ve outgrown, there is only a handful of clothes in the dresser anyway, so that is what I spent one morning doing, and I was only half done. I still don’t have a basket to use, as one is full of baby girl’s clean folded clothes, waiting to go in her dresser once I pull out the ones that haven’t been worn recently, one is full of DH’s and my clothes I found mixed in with the kids clothes, and one is full of the clean clothes from the laundry hamper, two still had not been touched.

By bedtime on tuesday, this saga was as good as done, all that is left is a couple bags of hand me downs, and the sweaters. Wednesday, it was the dishes, it was supposed to be my last day off, and I did it, got them all washed, and only clean dishes out were in the dishwasher, but today, I had another school function for little guy, and I fell off the wagon, on top of that, an hour before I would normally drop the kids off with the babysitter, I was on Facebook, and saw a comment that her grandma had passed away, so I texted her, to make sure she would still babysit, and she said no, nice to get some warning, hey? So I ended up not having a sitter, and had to call into work, it will be interesting to see what kind of trouble I get into, I was clear, that my babysitter had cancelled last minute, and I couldn’t find anyone else, but yeah.
I also got a lot of knitting done this week, finished the first hat of my sample knit, and am half done the second, two and a half to go, wanna see? Of course you do. Or so I hope.

Felt really long near the end, but once I saw it blocking, so worth it, and it reinvigorated me to work on the rest.


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