Our First Field Trip

Yesterday was my first field trip as parent helper, first of many, I hope, there was a shocking parent turn out for this one, despite the fact that it cost us to go too, normally the parent helper price gets built into the student’s fee, but being it was kindergarten, and the teacher wasn’t going to turn parents down, it wasn’t, and we had to pay. Not a big deal, I was happy to do it. There were 18 parents, from two classes, so 20 adults total, I think there were 3 or 4 of us who just had our own kids, the rest had two each. It was a blast, despite over 3 hrs on the bus, the teachers are experienced enough with this trip, that they brought books for the kids, and the three of us without a second child had our iPhones to keep them occupied. We started off at the provincial museum, which I loved, I have a strange fondness for history museums. We saw all kinds of animals, and then did the rocks, and bugs, my son got bored at this point and wanted to go back to the animals, so I took him over to the aboriginal exhibit, for the last ten minutes before lunch.



He loved this one, for some reason, and had to look at it from both sides, our cat had brought home a rabbit that morning, which he found, and may have caused this fascination.

This is a colombian mammoth, I had a hard time getting it in frame.

After the museum we headed out through the city, and off back to the country, to the Jurassic forest, which is a big swampy forest, but they have walkways with nature information, and dinosaurs fully automated moving dinosaurs, and they taught us about them, did you know that they now believe that t-Rex had feathers.



This is their new dinosaur, they had just installed him on Sunday, and we were some of the first to see him, see feathers.
After the trails, the kids played at the playground, until the rest of the class was done, this is my favorite picture of the day. that is little guy jumping off a T Rex spine.



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