Day 8 of 8

Yesterday was essentially day 8 of 8 at work, how many of you know that once you work a certain number of days on either side, it’s like you never had that one day off to start with?
I just finished my first set, after 5 days off, I’ll be back at it. Now I got the birthday cakes done, for the most part, I wanted to add blue sparkle sprinkles, but it was not to be, as we did not have any. So, here is what I came up with for the June birthday cakes. This is equivalent to 4 – 8″x13″ pans.


I’ve gotten pretty far on the first of the hats too, I’m done up to the decreases, so not very much left on this one.


And some craziness went on on Friday, an armored car employee shot and killed three coworkers, and injured another to rob the armored car, he is currently on the run, armed and dangerous, everyone is talking about him today.

Doesn’t look to scary, but quite bad.


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