They Trust Me?

I work at a Senior’s supportive housing lodge, for the last five months, I have been baking the birthday cakes for the monthly birthday party. This month will be my sixth set of birthday cakes, I have learned how to bake them, first from a mix, but I prefer scratch, and when left to my own devices, quickly made the shift. We have two lodges, which means two parties, and two big cakes, each month. I only have the most rudimentary of cake decorating skills, what one of my co workers was able to teach me (read pound through my thick skull) in two sessions, months apart, she is an artist, I bake. Baking is very straight forward, you take a set of detailed instructions, follow them, and if the instructions are right, and you managed to follow them properly, you get a delicious treat. Art is a different story, completely, you have a blank canvas, and maybe a picture in your mind of what you want to end up with, sometimes you just wing it, and if all goes well, and you have talent, or training, or both, you will come out on the other end with a nice picture.

Today I was informed that I will be decorating the birthday cakes on my own this month. I baked them tonight after supper, and I’ve gotten pretty good at creating the blank white canvas for decorating on, it’s the rest, with the colours, and flowers, and making it all pretty looking, that I’m not so confident about, so I will have cake pictures, and progress pictures on my knitting projects


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