Design in Progress

So I went for the design, from design dilemma, as anyone who has read most of my posts since then has probably figured out, and have come up with a workable pattern, I have knit it almost twice, with some minor changes planned for what is left of the second one, as the first came out to wide across the chest, hopefully this one works better. once I am done the sample, I will type it up, I promise.
Here is a picture, a rather sloppy, lopsided picture of the back of the shirt, but a picture nonetheless.


Also, the yarn for my first sample knit has arrived, it’s four hats, and here is a quick shot of the yarn, I have already cast on the first one, but really a picture of stitches on the needles is no more exciting than yarn, as that is all it is, not even the size of a swatch yet.



One thought on “Design in Progress

  1. Looks promising! Can’t wait to see the final pics

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