The downside of being in charge of the finances, and other things.

I love being in charge of the family money, it keeps my inner control freak at bay, besides that DH is even worse at it than I am. The other night though, I found the down side, DH has to ask me for permission to spend money, and of course if he needs to save for something, he needs to ask me to do it. So laying in bed the other night, he asks how much money we have in savings, well, I tell him, then ask why, he doesn’t say, just tells me he’s planning something, I ask him how much I need to save for it, and he tells me, so now I know from the hints he’s dropped he is planning a trip, that will cost 400-500 dollars, and is more than 6 weeks away.

I have had a few successes recently, including one rather silly one, while mopping the floor at work last night, I noticed one of the stains that has been there for much longer than I have is finally starting to fade, yay. Also, I have made the charts for my first ever knitting design on the computer, I have the excel file, and PDF file saved in my email, yahoo. Also, I have the whole pattern written up, I am knitting a sample, to make sure it all works, then, it will be off for editing, and test knitting. About a week before release I will put the pattern page on Ravelry, it will need to be connected to my profile, then, when I release it, there will be a FREE discount code good for a week posted here. And then 20% off posted for the rest of the month.
Here is a picture of my sample in progress, including my WWKIPD knitting.


Today is world wide knit in public day, and I have to work, once again, I have only been off once since I found out about it, and then I had a 10 month old, and no child care, so I have not made it to a single event for WWKIPD. Today I was hoping to leave early for work, and knit in front of the building, or in the library, until I had to go to work, but my husband had some running around to do, so alas, my knitting in public has been done, on my deck. Have a happy day.


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