Baby Talk

I have long since completely banned gibberish from my house, after catching my five year old talking baby talk to his 18 month old sister. I tell the boys that baby girl is just learning how to talk, and they need to be good examples for her. This saying has become a regular thing for me, because sometimes, it is something I wouldn’t have a problem with them doing, like jumping off a chair, or low step, but I wouldn’t want the baby to try. Both boys have not only accepted this explanation as to why they can’t do something, but embraced it, I’ve heard them tell their friends, and each other, to be a good example.

I have recently become bothered by one of the neighbor boys, he is 7/8 years old, and his speech is that of a two year old. His voice is the same as a normal boy, but he says ‘me want, me do,’ which are patterns my boys have not used for quite some time. Now, why it bothers me, my boys are 4&5, rather impressionable and lately have been picking up on it. I correct them by saying it properly, but it’s becoming more frequent, my boys have speech issues of their own, and don’t need another one, to slow down their progress. I don’t have any idea what to do to help all three boys with this, its got to be bad enough for that boy at school, I don’t want him to feel picked on here, my older son is a bit of a leader, so I also need to take that into consideration, this older boy does what my son wants, most of the time. His parents let him wander the trailer park till 9 every night, an hr after the younger kids have to go to bed, I don’t know how old any other children are, for him to play with, after 8. My babysitter complained to me the other day, that he came over at 730, and she knew that my kids wouldn’t be going to bed on time, at that point, which is, no excuse, my boys are good listeners, they may argue, but if rousing back down, they give up quickly.


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