Back to the basics

I have been ordering tons of books from the library for the past couple weeks, ever since I decided that I had to make this shirt for baby girl. They are all about designing, and cables, when what I needed was a little google, and a reminder of the basic rules of decreasing. When I got to the part where I was decreasing for the back, I though, well, I’ll keep it simple, and just K2tog and P2tog instead of trying anything fancy, that was a mistake.
A few rows into the back, I realized, that while one side looked good, the other was rather funny looking.


So I did the first thing that came to mind, I changed my K2tog to a SSK on that side, which half helped.

If you see near the top, it was only on the last three purl rows that I discovered purl two together, through the back loops, which fixed my problem, to bad the rest of that side is a mess. My pattern notes reflect this mistake, so when I’m typing up the pattern, I will remember that is the decrease I need to use, and my testers will have a nice smooth decrease line on their samples.
And here you can see, the back is done. Now to do the front.



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