Just gotta hit it a bit harder

Just a quick amusing post for now.

We have a chemical dispenser at work, it used to be the kind where you turned on the water, then a locking dial thing, and the dispenser would sputter to life, spitting out our properly mixed chemical, one day, they removed it from the wall, and sent me trekking to the other end of the lodge for it, not fair, I thought, when I got there, and discovered, they had not moved our handy chemical dispenser, and again, when I realized, they hadn’t brought our chemical.

I was in a mood that night, so as I used a different floor cleaner, I left a message for my boss, letting him know that the chemical had been moved, and wasn’t with the mop, could he have someone find it. The next night, I trek down to get my mop bucket, and excitedly note, they’ve brought my chemical dispenser, I had a bit of a pout when I had to mix by hand, it was not working, I left a note for it to be fixed, and it wasn’t, but when I came back, from days off, I found a handy little note.

The note read: “turn on water, turn blue dial, to lock, then give it a good shot (hit), and it will work, it’s not hooked up properly. JT”

So I go on happily, until my mop bucket went missing, (I found it yesterday, by the way, filled with slimy gross water, in a boiler room) and yesterday, they had moved our dispenser, JT was on with me that night, so after doing my usual shot, some fiddling, and hitting it a few more times, I called her over, an she tried to, finally I mixed my chemical by hand, as I had work to do. Today I look to see what the maintenance man had to say, about it not working, and it says, see paper by dispenser, so I figure no problem, and go look. I’m rolling on the floor laughing, when I see they moved JT’s note from the other room.
I guess we just weren’t hitting it hard enough.


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