Photo Shoot with Baby Girl

So, this is my baby girl, I am learning to take better pictures of the things I knit, but I only have my iPhone to load them to the Internet, so the only camera I can use is, you guessed it, my iPhone camera.

My early pictures are cluttered, more snapshots than real pictures, because, well I didn’t really know any better


So once I realized what I was doing wasn’t working, I picked a new background.


Better but the patterning is apparently rather distracting, so …


Uh yeah what was I thinking, still inside, and Orange, ugh.

Finally I learned, a cloudy day is supposed to be a good day for a sweater shoot, because it doesn’t look so out of place. But my favorite picture is by the water.


And finally today’s picture, with no place but our yard to go,


She is such a little ham.


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